Bridges in EBN congress

The 24th and 25th of May, the annual EBN congress, the European Business Network, took place in Brussels. An event in which CEEI Burgos had the opportunity to participate as members of the network and introduced the Bridges Interreg Europe project.

The event was held at the “Square – Brussels Convention Center” and gathered more than 250 representatives of different organizations. During the two-days event, CEEI Burgos set up a booth and introduced the project to other members of the European network.

Innovation maps of the BRIDGES regions

The capitalisation report of the innovation maps of the BRIDGES regions, European Project in which CEEI  is taking part as advisory partner, is completed and was approved by the project partners during the 4th ISC meeting on 8.6.2017 in Helsinki.
The purpose of this capitalisation report: provide a solid basis of data and methodologies to facilitate decision making in relation to the action plans of the BRIDGES project regional partners.