Southwest European network for the deployment of TIC in small and medium sized companies
This site has been created to help you make a better use of new technologies. You will find in this website a series of free services, specifically designed for companies: diagnostic tools, practical guides, videos and information messages.

Thanks to European Union financing, nine partners focused on the development of TIC are willing to help you gain efficiency with the use of new technologies.

We will contact you individually in your company or in collective meetings through awareness programs.

Our objective: make your company thrive thanks to digital tools that lead you to be a real e- businessman

Small and medium sized companies, as well as microenterprises, from SUDOE (Southwestern Europe) currently face a delay in the use of new technologies compared to Northern Europe or USA.This delay produces lower competitiveness and it makes companies fragile. Thus, it is important to identify the best actions to raise awareness about this issue among small and medium sized companies, as well as microenterprises, and to reinforce the support structures in order to set an excellence network in motion.

The global purpose of the Cybersudoe project is to start and consolidate an interregional excellence network constituted by the partners of the project from Spain, France and Portugal.