This project, which is a continuation of the successful already implemented  LLP project DIALE (Deep Learning through Dialogue), aims to provide specific methods to achieve greater dialectic training on entrepreneurship.

Several studies show that learning and teaching require more than normal skills in the dialogue, especially when dealing with entrepreneurs.

Main DIAMEE goals are the following:

  • Analyze the common characteristics of entrepreneurship in the different areas of the EU. Identify and define the needs and opportunities. Gap detection and identification of new potential to be developed according to the needs tools.
  • Adapting and transferring the dialectical methods and methodology to the training of the entrepreneurial process, coach and the atmosphere.
  • Create a package of tools for corporate training.
  • Adapt teaching methods in different learning situations.

The project is carried out in collaboration with six institutions from different European countries who are: Spain (CEEI-Burgos/ Coordinator), Finland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Ireland and Lithuania.