Open Up

Open up Entrepreneurship (OpEn) project fills the identified knowledge gap where existing and prospective entrepreneurs seek for business solutions into the digital technologies but lack the necessary skills and capabilities to exploit the vast potential of e-business models in the global market.
OpEn project aims at exploiting innovative practices and technological tools to design and develop multi-disciplinary Open Educational Resources for cultivating entrepreneurial mindset and economic thinking in the digital world.

The main result of OpEn project will be an electronic open platform for educating existing and prospective young entrepreneurs in e-business. For the implementation of this result, a number of specific Intellectual Outputs will be produced, such as:
• Skill profile identification,
• E-module design and service set-up
• Open Educational Material
• Project Results Exploitation Guidelines
• Project e-Network Platform
Moreover, training activities will be conducted for the evaluation of the e-module and multiplier events will be held in order to disseminate project results.


  • CEEI Burgos
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • University of Bari
  • University of Patras


E-learning platform: