Soft Landing

The main aim of the Soft Landing programme is to offer BICs client companies easy and practical solutions to go international, by providing short business support to those companies with international business development aspirations.

To see the services offered by a member, please consult their webpage or contact them directly.

  • Logistics
    • Itinerary Planning – support on a efficient planning of your trip ;
    • Accommodation arrangements – identification of the best hotel according to your needs;
    • Collection from local airport/train station – provision of transfer services;
    • Mobility Planning – support on car rental or other type of transport;
    • Virtual office – provision of a dedicated address, telephone and fax number and email address;
    • Meeting rooms – availability of rooms for your business meetings.


  • Access to local business
    • Providing market information and statistics tailored to your business needs;
    • Setting set up meetings and networking events with your customers, clients or suppliers;
    • Pre arranging meetings with businesses, organisations, research centres and other entities to explore strategic partnership opportunities leading to international business development;
    • Facilitating your participation in events.


  • Specialised support

Pre arranging meetings with qualified professional experts or consultants according to your needs:

  • Legal matters,
  • IP issues,
  • Tax and Accountancy
  • HR matters.