The main aim of the project is to transfer the innovative Finnish model of teaching entrepreneurship (called TOY) at VET-level to Estonia, Latvia and Spain. The consortium consists of institutions of the field of creative industries. Therefor the direct target groups of the project are the VET learners of design, start-up creative entrepreneurs and teachers and mentors working at institutions involved in the project. During the project the curriculum and methodology will be transferred and adapted to the specific needs of every partner and the model will be piloted in all partner countries.
The project’s main outcomes are: students and professionals of creative industry have higher level in the key competencies of entrepreneurship acquired by practice and teachers and mentors will be implemented with innovative tools to teach entrepreneurship.
After piloting, the model will be ready to promote and plant at national levels. The model TOY is applicable to other educational and economical fields and levels as well, so the wider target group of this project are all VET learners and teachers and entrepreneurship mentors of EU.