2nd meeting of BRIDGES project in Burgos

The 3rd and 4th of November, took place the 2nd Interregional Steering Committee meeting and the 2nd Interregional Policy Learning session in CEEI Burgos (European Business and Innovation Centre), Spain. 

During these days, several meetings took place between the partners of the project.  
The first day, the meeting started with a short welcome to Burgos by Juan Carlos (PP8) and a short review of the most important themes of the last meeting. After that, Mark Boden made a synergy introduction. Then, the day continued with several presentations from each of the partners. By this way, the partners showed the others their work and studies, trying to exchange opinions and develop new working lines for the future. As main points, it was mentioned the innovation maps and the good practises collected in 3 themes: GP1 focuses on Centres of Competence, GP2 focuses on research cooperation and GP3 focuses on multilevel synergies. 
During the morning of the second day, the partners were separated in two working groups, which were coordinated by two members of the project. In the working groups, each partner made an exposition of his tasks centred on the action plans of the project. To end with the meeting, the partner in charge of the web site of the project, made a short presentation of it, showing the different parts of it and the formats. She also showed the social networks to publish the last news or other information relevant to the project.
Besides, all the partners had the opportunity to know the work that CEEI Burgos does and they visited the installations that this centre offers to entrepreneurs and enterprises. 
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