Bridges closing event

Since the European project: BRIDGES began in April 2016, in which we are participating as advisory partner, we have been working to improve regional development and sharing the experience with other members of the European Union.

Currently, the project is in the last phase so we do not want to close it without showing the work done. On December 10 will take place an online seminar to present the development, work and conclusions of the project.

Remember that BRIGDES project (Bridging competence infrastructure gaps and speeding up growth and jobs delivery in regions) has the objective of increasing the efficiency of the implants of RIS3 and consequently the management of Estructural Funds.

The agenda of the event (10th of December) will be:

  • Opening of the BRIDGES closing conference and brief reminder of what has happened
  • Contribution of the Interreg Europe Joint Secretariat
  • Regional partners presentations from Finland, Poland, Greece, Slovenia and Hungary
  • Advisory partners presentations giving their point of view and most significant contributions in the project
  • Debate throw the main Project objectives and the solutions


If you want to take part of the online event, please send as an email to or make a call to +34 947 244332. Responsables: Juan Carlos and Cristina