Do you want to solve a challenge to enrich the soil?

The European Social Challenges Project is looking for companies to give a possible solution to a challenge posed by the company Geseco to enrich the soil for which, there will be a budget of 30,000€

Geseco Residuos: is a company founded in 2002 that works in several locations in Spain. Geseco is specialized in the integral waste management, since it considers the Quality and the Environment as essential factors in the development of its activity and in the achievement of a continuous improvement. That is why they are searching for this new issue.

The challenge: appears when a company dedicated to the transformation process of wood (from industry sector) generates some specific waste known as ashes, and Geseco identifies that they can give a new usage to the ashes. After several researches, they found that the ashes can help with the enriched of the soil, because of the good compounds such as phosphorus(P). However, they have to take into account that the ashes have other components that are toxic for the soil, such as lead (Pb), mercury (Hg) or molybdenum (Mo). The main objective is to do the appropriate analysis to the ashes searching the way to remove or separate these toxins and find the best way to use the profitable components.

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