GROW FAST AND FURIOUS!! Entrepreneurship in Burgos

Once again, we get the goal of bringing together young people with entrepreneur talent in the event organized by CEEI Burgos within the framework of the European Project ATM for SMEs. With the title "GROW FAST AND FURIOUS!!! Do not put the brake on your ideas ... " on November 8th, the IV Encounter of Young Entrepreneurs took place in the Forum Evolución.

The event began with the presentation of our facilities by José Vicente Orden, director of the CEEI who after a brief introduction in which he motivated the entrepreneurs, he presented the ATM for SMEs European project in which we are actively working on to encourage the creation of businesses in the city.

Then, one by one, some of the projects that are currently participating in the Open Future call in the TREN + D + I space of the city were being presented:

  • Abadía Tecnológica: business focus on informatic and 3Dprint
  • Strawberry Studio: creative and innovative startup specialized on virtual reality, programming and design
  • Experience Factory: business dedicated to virtual experience creations, augmented reality, drones and 360ºvideo
  • Code Solutions: startup that creates informatic solutions to improve the development

Then, Diego Martínez Vélez, founder and CEO of Burgos company Domenostrum, described his entrepreneurial career beginning with the acquisition of a small bar in a town and how this has motivated him to continue growing and being an entrepreneur after finishing his studies in civil engineering. Also, we met the work of his company, a company that builds households
, where the maximum comfort is the main premise. Besides, it reduces up to 90% consumption of air conditioning buildings and that applies the German passivhaus standard and the BIM methodology.


Then spoke Juan Vicén Balaguer, co-founder and community manager director of the company from Valencia (Spain): Zeleros.  Juan presented to the participants not only the company which is dedicated to developing the system of levitation and propulsion for transport HYPERLOOP, but also spoke of the trajectory that they have followed since the beginning with the University and how they presented themselves to an American contest, where they won an award: Best Design and System of Propulsion in Texas for SpaceX by Elon Musk. He recognized that this prize was a great motivation for the 5 engineers who carried out the project and encouraged them to continue working for the start-up of a high-speed transport network.


Finally, the event closed with the presentation of the urban clothes brand Sefinhe, a brand created by young people from Burgos who bet on a different style and who nowadays not only have an online store, but also have a physical store in Burgos: FOKO Store