Soft Landing Proyect colaboration - Conference Organisers

EBN (European BIC Network) has launched the Soft Landing project, which BIC related companies who wish to seek European partners in the rest of Europe can send its demands through the BIC network.

Ex Ordo ( is a web-based conference management tool for Academic and Research Conference Organisers. Organising a research conference is a time-consuming process that can take up to 2 years. Since 2007, Ex Ordo has been helping organisers build great conferences across Ireland, UK, and Europe.

Ex Ordo has all the elements of a standard conference management system. The real value comes from the unique workflow, timelines, reminders, statistics, reporting and 1-click features that we have incorporated. These guide the organiser along every step of the conference, minimising the time spent on mundane and repetitive tasks. Ex Ordo frees organisers up to focus on what really matters - getting the best mix of papers, speakers and sponsors to the conference.

Ex Ordo are looking to partner with Conference Offices within universities, event management companies, professional conference organisers worldwide.  If you can help us identify any contacts in the conference offices, please give us your feedback or get in touch.

More information: CEEI Burgos.