Thinking about the importance of growing up and hiring

Last 12th of November took place the Ambition to Employ Multiplier Event to encourage entrepreneurship, ideas generation, start-ups creation and growth through collaborators or new employees.
With this philosophy and as members of the European Project Ambition to Employ, CEEI Burgos organized this workshop in collaboration with the University of Burgos (UBU).

The workshop took place at UBU facilities where they worked on the concept of team building through examples, methodologies and a challenge. In addition, they worked with a dynamic to know the importance of attracting and managing talent to help them with their business ideas. Finally, they met the tool developed in the project, how they can test their readiness to hire a first employee and all the material developed in several languages to make this task easy.

On the other hand, participants had the opportunity to meet the experience of an entrepreneur, Diego Martínez Vélez from “VELMAR Engineering” who has created and expanded his own business. From his perspective, they known how the idea started and when he decided to carry it out, what entrepreneurial programs or initiatives helped him and his growth with new projects and employees.