About us

CEEI BURGOS was founded in 1994 as a tool specializing in local development under the model, quality criteria and sponsorship of the European Commission, and promoted by regional and local organisations and institutions with a strong commitment to boost the social and economic development of our territory.

CEEI-Burgos is a non profit making association that is the result of the cooperation between:

Our Aims

  • To facilitate the start-up of innovative small and medium enterprises and the development of existing companies.
  • Promote entrepreneurship and an enterprising spirit.
  • To boost the productivity of human resources, promote new professional qualifications and cooperate in training for modern, effective and innovative entrepreneurs..
  • Promote innovation and facilitate the start-up of new businesses, sectors and technologies that will diversify and update the industrial fabric and competitiveness of our companies and territory.

CEEI Burgos expands its action via its membership in:

  • The EBN, European Business and Innovation Centre Network, based in Brussels, integrates more than two hundred European Business and Innovation Centres and similar organisations on several continents and guarantees its quality with the BIC trademark.

  • ANCES, the Spanish association of BICs, to which the twenty-eight BICs that currently exist across Spain belong.

  • ESINET, European Spatial Incubation Network, fruit of the cooperation between EBN and ESA, the European Space Agency..


CEEI-Burgos takes part in::

  • SODEBUR. Company for the Development of the Province
  • AGENBUR. Provincial Energy Agency.
  • Burgos Ciudad 21. Burgos City Strategic Plan Association.
  • FAE-Burgos. Confederation of Burgos Business Associations.