Ambition To Employ

Ambition to Employ will develop a new training model to enable self-employed owner-operators to hire their first employee with knowledge, ability and confidence.

Entrepreneurship was first identified as a key competence in 2006 and our understanding of its value continues to evolve. One of the mainstays of entrepreneurship training has been the “start your business” course;  unfortunately, though, these courses have remained static over the years, with little change in content or curriculum. Instead, there has been significant investment in the field of innovation training and support for hi-tech/hi-growth businesses.

Based on our work on the front line of  VET, we are convinced that we must update our portfolio of training for today’s generation of mainstream self employed, solo entrepreneurs. Ambition to Employ will make a strong contribution to strengthening the teaching of entrepreneurship within our VET systems:

  • Increasing the relevance of the specific skills taught.  The growth by employee model is one of the most relevant topics today in relation to the real-time needs of self employed individuals;
  • Increasing the supply and accessibility of improved entrepreneurship education. The project will enable a large scale roll out of training through enterprise centres and business training providers,  and our online course will allow  direct access for individual trainees outside the reach of those centres.
  • Achieving quality though a unique methodological approach that not only enables knowledge acquisition but will tackle psychological barriers to hiring an employee and the leadership skills required to develop employee talent.



  • Banbridge District Enterprises Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • Centro Europeo de Empresas de Burgos (Spain)
  • European E-learning Institute (Denmark)
  • Stowarzyszenie SZERSZA PERSPEKTYWA (Poland)
  • National Federation of Enterprise Agency (United Kingdom)