The main objective of this European Project is to support the creation, business development and scaling-up of companies in the tourism sector through incubators and accelerators integrating creativity, art and design skills from the Cultural and Creative Industries with cutting-edge technology, science and other relevant expertise.


The project it´s going to get this by bringing together a consortium of organisations with enormous experience in working with creative industries across Europe and stimulating their creation growth and internationalisation – as well as in the tourism sector. All the partners have worked extensively and intensively with creative enterprises, stimulating innovation and cross sector working.



Some specific objectives:

  • Form a trans-national network of business incubators and accelerators with a
  • focus on SMEs and start-ups in CCIs sector.
  • Six partners have their own physical incubator systems, and work in a manner to
  • accelerate enterprise development in the specialist areas of finance, creativity and
  • innovation.
  • EBN, is a transnational organisation networking for business development and
  • innovation across Europe.
  • CBC is an organisation coordinating a network of national partners dealing with
  • creative entrepreneurship in more than 60 countries – covering all Europe as well as
  • other countries across the globe.
  • The consortium has representatives from Ireland, Cyprus, Italy, Hungary, Germany
  • and Denmark, providing a balanced geographical coverage.



  • WestBIC (Ireland)
  • EBN (Belgium)
  • LAZIO INNOVA (Italy)
  • MEDIA DEALS UG (Germany)
  • CBC (Denmark)
  • CYRIC (Cyprus)
  • D2S (United Kingdom)
  • CEEIM (Spain)
  • CEEI BURGOS (Spain)