Cluster4Smart Project proposes the main objective of expand the knowledge of Cluster Managers of Europe through the development of an innovative training resource. In addition, Cluster4Smart aims to foster the European industry and transform it to a smart industry.

In this way the project objective is in line with the horizontal or sectoral priorities down below:

  • Achievement of relevant and high-quality skills and competences

Cluster4Smart will create a novel and innovative training course for current and future cluster managers that will help not only trainees to find and improve their employability, If not professionals in their job position, as cluster managers, to be able to foster and push the competitiveness of their associates industry sector in their regions.

  • Further strengthen key competences in VET

Some of these competences that the development of Cluster4Smarts will strength are: Communication in their mother tongue, as the training course will be developed in the partnership languages and English; or also in foreign languages, when learners or users come from other countries; digital competences at the hour to use the online platform; learning to learn as users will ness to acquire the ability to learn by themselves and put in practice acquired knowledge; entrepreneurship, due to some users could use the training content to establish new regional clusters or to catch new ideas at the hour to create a new enterprise; and cultural awareness and expression, since the platform will be completely open and everybody could access and be informed about cluster policies and strategies.

  • Open and innovative practices in digital era

The development of a training course to promote new skills for cluster managers is considered an innovative tool and method to train cluster managers. In addition, the training course developed will be completely adapted and deployed in an online platform that will be interactive with users. The use of the ICTs technologies will help to the digital integration of the VET e-learning, removing artificial boundaries, and attracting new actors from the world of work, education and training. The open access training content and virtual tool will contribute to a more strategic and integrated use of Its and open education resources by education and training.

Partners of the project:

  • Pole Solutions Communicantes Securisees (France)
  • Universite de Strasbourg (France)
  • Agrupación Empresarial Innovadora de Fabricantes de Muebles y Afines de la región de Murcia (Spain)
  • Asociación para la Gestión del Centro Europeo de Empresas e Innovación de Burgos (Spain)
  • Solartech Del-Alfondi Fejle szto Estermelo Nonprofit KFT (Hungary)
  • Innovatív Klaszterek Országos Szövetsége (Hungary)