The DIALE project concentrates on the transference of a unique and active pedagogical innovation, independent of the field of education and focusing on vocational teachers, trainers, tutors and the improvement of teacher education. In addition, the target group includes in-company trainers and teachers working in further education services. Skills in dialogue can be used in teaching and guidance work in classroom and distance education, work mentoring and cooperation, independent of the field of the activities.

The goal of the DIALE project is to develop the competence of trainers, teachers, teacher trainers and in-company trainers in dialogue through concrete methods. Practical operations:

  • Translation of deep learning through a dialogue web service (EN)
  • Developing concrete methods in dialogue (4 sub-groups)
  • Piloting and testing the developed methods
  • Planning the training program for the development of competence in dialogue

The DIALE project uses tools and applications of social media for development work as well as project planning and coordination. The project is coordinated by HAMK Vocational Teacher Education Unit and partly funded by the LLP/ Leonardo da Vinci programme.