The project ENTRETOY is about learning/teaching entrepreneurship in a new way. This are the needs that have been detected:

  1. The high level of unemployment among VET school and higher education leavers and graduates
  2. The graduates have a lack of confidence, initiative and insufficient key competencies in entrepreneurship
  3. Teachers of economical subjects of VET or higher education have insufficient or absent practical experience and are unable to connect learners professional field with entrepreneurial studies
  4. Lack of practical courses or mentors in continuing education which could really support starting entrepreneurs
  5. Small number of female entrepreneurs


The objectives of the project are:

  • The rise of the quality of entrepreneurship education
  • Training the educators of the consortium to have new more effective methodology of teaching entrepreneurship
  • Test different methodologies available
  • Create a curriculum for the entrepreneurship teachers and other educators or advisors
  • Create pedagogical materials for the teachers and other educators or advisors
  • Create a curriculum/program for yearly pre-incubation course for higher education and adult learners


The partners of the projects are:

  • Belgium: IEPS Jemappes
  • Estonia: Tartu Art School
  • Finland: SASKY
  • Greenland: Niurnermik Ilinniarfik
  • Spain: Business incubator CEEI-Burgos
  • Poland: Regional Labour Office in Bialystok