Active projects

DeFine is going to work with Fashion-Tech
Expand the knowledge of Cluster Managers of Europe with an innovative training resource
New way for teaching entrepreneurship
Contribute to the adequacy of the labor market of crafts and design education
Project for the knowledge gap where entrepreneurs seek for business solutions into the digital technologies
Partners will prepare 9 action plans in order to integrate and deploy good practices learnt from interregional cooperation
Bridging competence infrastructure gaps and speeding up growth and jobs delivery in regions
UPPScience is a further development of VISConti and a sustainable investment in education and training.
Boosting investment readiness
Practical entrepreneurship learning model for creative industry at VET level: transferring the best practices of Finland
Viability Innovation Scientific Creativity oriented network for training and instruction
Southwest European network for the deployment of TIC in SMEs
Stimulating digital entrepreneurship
Innovative e-Guide in construction workplace health and safety
Dialogical Methodologies for entrepreneurs