Active projects

UPPScience is a further development of VISConti and a sustainable investment in education and training.
Boosting investment readiness
Practical entrepreneurship learning model for creative industry at VET level: transferring the best practices of Finland
Viability Innovation Scientific Creativity oriented network for training and instruction
Southwest European network for the deployment of TIC in SMEs
Stimulating digital entrepreneurship
Innovative e-Guide in construction workplace health and safety
Dialogical Methodologies for entrepreneurs
Innovative training materials to INSPIRE and Empower (unemployed and inactive) Young and Women to Startup.
Access to finance for SMEs by exchanging innovative business support measures.
New co-incubation service for innovation led companies who wish to explore new markets.
The global purpose of the Cybersudoe project is to start and consolidate an interregional excellence network constituted by the partners.
Technology transfer promotion to creative and digital industries.