UpenSkills event in Burgos, Spain

On Friday the 15th of October the Upenskills Multiplier event was successfully organized by CEEI-Burgos. It was held as the VI Meeting of young entrepreneurs, which took place in Burgos (Spain) in the facilities of the University Isabel I, one of main CEEI-Burgos stakeholders. With this event, CEEI Burgos wanted to promote Burgos entrepreneurship especially among young people as part of the multiplier event within the framework of UpenSkills project.

The event started with the “I National pitch competition” focused on young people who, making profit of some of the techniques and methods developed in the project, which previously had been handed out and demonstrated to the participants, introduced their business ideas in a 5 minutes pitch to a jury of experts.

The winners of the competition were: in the first place Equsox, a textile company which creates socks for horses; secondly Leial Technologies that develops robots to create industry simulations and finally Travitool an app that allows you to create your personal trainings.
After that, general objectives and outcomes UpenSkills project were introduced to the attendees. An open discussion session was open as well in order to solve out doubts and questions.

The multiplier event with closed with the first edition of the “Startup Resurrection” were Victoria Valbuena, founder of GLOBBIZZ and Juan Carlos Fernández, CEO of EZENIT, delivered both presentations on entrepreneurship failure and recovering focusing on their personal and professional experiences, highlighting the importance of soft skills in those developments.

Around 80 participants, including 11 foreigners, attended the multiplier event. Besides, a remarkable on local and regional media was registered (6 press releases)